It’s Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Time!

My easy grilled cheese:  sliced sour dough bread with soft & fresh local cheese! Keswick creamery is my go to at farmers on the square. The trick I learned from my mother is to cut in half and place the slices together so one side stays soft and the other gets lightly toasted. Then dip into olive oil and my favorite is sundried tomato, Parmesan and garlic. Because sometimes you just don’t want soup just the flavor! Grate your cheese, mine this week is wallaby and I add ricotta. Then lightly fry in pan after dipping  it brushing in oil. Just enough to golden brown and melt cheese. Or if lazy like me toast a little longer to golden brown, add cheese and nuke for few seconds! But shhhhh.... don’t tell her I do that!

Farmer on the square, I just love Wednesday!  

Farmer on the square, I just love Wednesday!  


Now tomato soup, this I like to buy the chunky can or tray in freezer section. However soup is and individual preference this works just as well with smooth Campbell’s. Or better yet homemade tomato soup from fresh tomatoes!

Now add a drizzle of flavored vinegar over the top of the tomato soup. I used garlic today, however I also use carmelized onion too!


Karen Griffith